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The word I gave, it was with the heart Amarte did my goal!I lived only for your love!I was the moon! And, to you, you made ​​my sun! I brindabas your heat in exchange for my beauty.
  I loved you like no one ever loved No one that exists on the earth! And I resigned myself to being a slave and adore you sweet chain.
I saw my life through your eyes!I did just what you wanted! Less refuse to be mine, and Just then I ripped from your life! And I realized the irony of the dead be alive!
Today!Only dream I dream!Recalling my past!I pretend that I have cravings! Although something in me has changed I am a distant moon to the sun denies its rays!I need your warmth! More I refuse to be your slave.

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La palabra que te di, fue con el corazón  ¡¡Amarte lo hice mi meta!! ¡¡Solo viví por tu amor!! ¡¡Fui yo la luna!! Y, a ¡¡Ti, te hice mi sol!!  Me brindabas tu calor a cambio de mi belleza.
 Te amé, como nadie ha amado ¡¡Nadie que exista en la tierra!! Y me resigné a ser te esclava y adorarte dulce  cadena.
¡¡Vi por tus ojos mi vida!! ¡¡Hice solo lo que querías!! Menos negarme el ser mía, y  Justo en ese momento ¡¡Me arrancaste de tu vida!! Y comprendí la ironía de ¡¡Ser un muerto con vida!!
¡Hoy! ¡¡Solo sueño que sueño!! ¡¡Recordando mi pasado!! ¡¡Finjo que tengo anhelos!! Aunque algo en mi ha cambiado ¡¡Soy una luna lejana a la que el sol niega sus rayos!! ¡¡Necesito tu tibieza!! Más me niego a ser tu esclava.    

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 ¡¡Love!! Feeling that my soul was veiled, but my spirit does not cease to yearn, although my time lost waiting... ¡¡Yes!! ... I live waiting.  ¡¡despite that life  I lose!!  And even if destroyed my dreams that I can not find it..

¡¡Love!!    I do not know,I do not understand, as you can ... Leer más »

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 km  separate us, Also your indifference and, distances that make me poor heart damage and mourn my naive soul, lowering it to the grave.
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  Imaginary love, perfect, sweet and yet bitter. Love you live far from my heart yearning. 
But so close to me, sometimes I can even imagine touching.
Fragile love How did you become a warrior?
Why do you refuse to get away from my mind and my heart for your sake that lives in the midst of doubt? Although you know that the proposed destination of my soul you're away.
                      & ... Leer más »

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Lord, give me the strength to go one more day, in you the strength to be able to trust, but I want to tear down adversity.
  Lord, give me your peace, your love and kindness, and please allow that if someone hates me I can love if someone torments me confident I can live in your peace.
Give him comfort to my soul tired of fighting, be my joy and my desire to continue. The world to change but I do not ever ... Let your love be my love, and all they are can provide, Your peace is my peace, n ... Leer más »
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Concurso literario infantil : 
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Again I found myself thinking of you! ...Writing for you! ... And that love born from our dream, quietly growing inside me, feeding my desires.


Love That came out of nowhere, without my being able to avoid until it became my everything, my soul making his home ... So sweet that I can not forget the strength to love!And yet so bitter! I pray that every day more and remember not
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I got tired of living in love with a mirage and condemn my soul to pretend that your eyes look at me fondly.

I got tired of waiting that it may please thee to see that I exist, and even today you can move let my flat.
Because I'm tired of waiting and finally accepted that I lost. Now I realize that I deserve a love that is mine, and I do not want this love to mourn my spirit and pushes me vacuum.
  You see and accept my defeat, I finally admit that I lost because I finally understood that to you who won, and today ... Leer más »

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