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Poem: The word I gave you,

The word I gave, it was with the heart Amarte did my goal!I lived only for your love!I was the moon! And, to you, you made ​​my sun! I brindabas your heat in exchange for my beauty.
  I loved you like no one ever loved No one that exists on the earth! And I resigned myself to being a slave and adore you sweet chain.
I saw my life through your eyes!I did just what you wanted! Less refuse to be mine, and Just then I ripped from your life! And I realized the irony of the dead be alive!
Today!Only dream I dream!Recalling my past!I pretend that I have cravings! Although something in me has changed I am a distant moon to the sun denies its rays!I need your warmth! More I refuse to be your slave.

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