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Psalms, my prayer for mercy ... .. and strength to continue.

Lord, give me the strength to go one more day, in you the strength to be able to trust, but I want to tear down adversity.
  Lord, give me your peace, your love and kindness, and please allow that if someone hates me I can love if someone torments me confident I can live in your peace.
Give him comfort to my soul tired of fighting, be my joy and my desire to continue. The world to change but I do not ever ... Let your love be my love, and all they are can provide, Your peace is my peace, no war that I can drag.
Your eyes are my eyes, and only serve to show me your truth, your hands are my hands and only serve to give me mercy.
Lord, forgive me, again and again who seek my soul, but you do not ever forget who twist the truth for personal gain.
Lord, that you re-emerge like a phoenix from the ashes and that no evil can harm me one day ...
  Lord, do not let that stop you rely on, because if the world hate me, I have you, but if you forsake me who succor me ....
Be my comfort, my peace is your is your hands, you have to wipe my tears, and my shield your face of adversity.
  Lord, I beg your mercy do not deny me comfort my wounded soul do not let me ever.

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