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Poem Without you

Poem dedicated to people like me who lost a loved one, and yet feel guilty about not having enough faith to avoid death do us part

In tribute to my father's love which gave us even though we do not let the years of longing

How is it that without you the world can turn!What the birds chirping every day, and do not let the sun shine! But I ... .. and let my soul is sad to move, since that fateful day I realized that I would ever see.
As can be joy, and peace, music and happiness, but I sientome dead, buried in your silence, wrapped in the torment of your farewell, praying every day you return the creator, although it is impossible, because for more than I can not go back any time the sun or dovelverle your heart beats.
How is it that the world continues!Let time pass and do not stop! If frozen in my life feeling, living lost in the maze of memories, drowned in the vast sea of "sorry" .... Dreaming that I have you in my dreams, I can count on you, and you're still my coat.

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