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Es Corbán.

at no point tries to say he knows the truth (Absolute) is intended only thing: that humanity glimpse another point of view. Which is based on awakening the desire to know God for ourselves, as the scriptures (Undying, faithful, and irrevocable) teaches that it is and not as "learned" to use the wiles of error to confuse, say is.
To which, the author is advised, first by God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, since nothing is said if it is not allowed. Second of two Elders in the Lord, based on searching the scriptures, for almost 20 years, were exercising their senses until you reach the mind of Christ, and I'm sure, were no doubt instructed by God.
Because your interpretation of scripture interpretation is consistent with the author himself gave me these, YHWY of hosts.
If the body does not know if the body does not know judge for yourself, dear readers.
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